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Cleanse The Body With Detox Foot Patches

Written by Charu Sharma

By tapping into over 60 acupuncture points located in the heels of your feet, the Detox Foot Patches enhance the natural process of detoxification while extracting harmful toxins from the body. Detox Foot Patches put a new twist on an ancient medical practice of Reflexology. The patches are made up of many ingredients known in the alternative medicine industry that help with natural detox and healing of the body. Such ingredients are:

  • Tourmaline
  • Houttuynia Cordata
  • Eucalyptus

Detox Foot Patches are simple to use and may cost less than leading detox foot scrubs on the market. It is always smart to do the research before purchasing a Detox Foot Patches, that goes for any product one buys online. The Detox Foot Patches should be placed on the arch of the feet but can be worn on different parts of the body such as the hands, feet, neck, spine, knees, or temples.

To start you simply peel the thin layer of sticker type material off the patch as if you were doing such with a band-aid.

In sequence, place the Detox Foot Patch on the arch of your foot and apply pressure.

During this process of detoxification, the body cleanses the inside by releasing toxins through urination, sweat, and saliva. Detox Foot Patches focus on the sweat that the body exiles. The pads collect the sweat that is released from the pores in the bottom of your feet.

Once this is done the patches will turn a brown color. Do not panic if the pad is a really dark brown color, it just means the Detox Foot Patches are working. If the patch is a dark brown it just means more toxins are coming out of the body. You may notice as you continuously use them the more translucent the brown may become.

At this time you can change spots of the patch to any one of the areas I mentioned above (Hands, Neck, Spine, Temple, Knees).

Detox Foot Patches are meant to be worn every day for the first week. The patches should be worn at night, if you have bad circulation in your hands or feet try placing the Detox Foot Patches on your feet 2 hours before bedtime. After the first week, they may be worn once or twice a week. Maintaining this program could help the body with everyday functions.

Known benefits of Detox Foot Patches are:

  • boost of energy
  • better sleep
  • improves immune system
  • better cardiovascular health
  • Helps with joint pain

Alternative medicine is on the rise in the modern age and Detox Foot Patches seem to be the new trend. Many include all different types of ingredients. Two main ingredients you want to look for is Tourmaline and Eucalyptus. Tourmaline is a mineral that helps boost your immune system and promote the natural detoxification cycle. Eucalyptus is used to help swollen joints as well as boost the immune system.

As I stated above, do your research before buying any product online. Also, make sure you are not allergic to any ingredients in the patches. Consult a doctor before buying any alternative medicine over the counter. Detox Foot Patches have grown in popularity in the alternative medicine industry. The patches invite the body’s natural detoxification to start while helping absorb the toxins that the body does release.

By using Detox Foot Patches you can actually find out exactly what you are putting into your body or what your body comes into contact with on a daily basis. Now the patches can be tested to find out every single toxin that comes out through your pores. Using the patches allow you to move around during the day without having to worry about any pads or patches because they are to be worn at night. Applying the patches are simple and can be done quickly if you need to get back to your TV show.

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