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Written by Charu Sharma

There are several reasons a patient seeks an emergency dentist. Dental emergency cases occur at anytime and anywhere. What is important in this case is to visit the emergency dental clinic in the shortest possible time.

Suppose that you drive a bicycle, exercise, ride a horse, participate in physical activity, or drive your car. Suddenly, you fall or have an accident. Your front tooth will be broken or even knocked out. What you have to do? The vital thing is to call the emergency dental clinic and make an emergency appointment as soon as possible in order to prevent severe complications.  As an emergency dentist in Oakville explains, While our dental enamel is strong, it may be break or cracked severely. As mentioned before, visiting the emergency dental clinic in the case of an emergency is of the essence. Here are some cases that require immediate attention from an emergency dentist.

– Knocked-out or Avulsed Tooth

It is a serious condition. You have to find your tooth and store it in a container of your saliva or milk. Then, take it to the emergency dentist. It should be noted that it is better to put it in its socket and close your mouth. In this case, you should not put pressure on the tooth. If you cannot place it in its previous place, store it in a container. You have only thirty minutes if you want to save your natural tooth and have it reinserted in your jawbone.

The important point is that children’s milk teeth cannot be reinserted because the permanent tooth buds will be damaged. If your permanent tooth is damaged severely and cannot be re-implanted, the emergency dentist offers dental implants, dentures, or bridges.

– Infection

Leaving an infection untreated is a life-threatening condition because it may spread in your brain and body. Infection can also lead to an abscess. It is accompanied by severe pain and fever. Referring to the emergency dental clinic is essential in this case.

– Broken or Cracked Tooth

Usually, a broken or cracked tooth is covered with a crown or bonded with dental bonding. In some cases, the root of your tooth is damaged and causes pain. It is recommended to visit the emergency dentist whenever your tooth is broken or cracked.

– Loose Crowns and Fillings

The dental crowns or fillings can be loose or lost. In this situation, you can place sugar-free chewing gum on the affected area until you reach the emergency dental office. A cracked crown is also requiring immediate attention by the emergency dentist.

– Pain in the Tooth

It is a common type of dental emergency case. Patients usually refer to the emergency dental clinic while they are suffering from severe pain. There are many reasons for this pain that should be addressed immediately. It may be due to infected tooth roots, damaged dental pulp, tooth decay, periodontitis, and so on. The emergency dentist finds the root of the pain and offers the best treatment plan to the patients.

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