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Why Working Out Should Be Part Of Your Skincare Routine

Written by Charu Sharma

Working out:

You either love it or you hate it. Though it can be hard to find the motivation to go to the gym some days, the struggle is definitely worth it in the end. We all know the health benefits that working out can have; both on your physical and mental health. But did you ever consider that working out might be good for your skin? Here are four reasons why working out should be part of your skincare routine:

 You’re Releasing Toxins:

Whether you’re an avid gym goer or are hoping to become a personal trainer, working out is like a natural skin detox. This is because when you work up a sweat, your body is getting rid of all the nasty toxins that can blog up your skin and cause acne. All workouts, but especially cardio, can boost your blood flow and open up sweat glands to cleanse your body. Once all the excess dirt is released you need to make sure you clean your skin after your workout routine every time. If you don’t, the dirt will sit on your skin and seep into it which can cause acne. Doing a full skincare regime at the gym isn’t always practical, so be sure to bring some face wipes with you so you can get clean after each session.

Get An Oxygen Boost:

Because exercise increases your blood flow, it also encourages oxygen delivery to your skin cells. The increase in oxygen means that more skin-saving nutrients are produced. These key nutrients can help to keep your complexion healthy and hydrated. Make the most of your natural oxygen boost by teaming this with another step in your skincare routine. Moisturising can help lock in that extra hydration in your skin, so use a moisturiser serum made with oils before bed.

De-Stressing Your Skin:

It’s well-known that exercise helps you to de-stress. It can be therapeutic for some. So perhaps it comes as no surprise that it can also de-stress your skin, in a way. This is because stress can be one of the main reasons people developing skin issues such as acne. Exercise is a great way of relieving this stress; therefore it helps to keep the breakouts at bay.

Giving Your Skin a Healthy Glow:

Consistently working out can give your skin a natural healthy glow thanks to natural oils produced during the session. These wonderful oils promote supple skin and a more hydrated complexion. Exercise can even reduce the appearance of wrinkles thanks to regulation of collagen production.

Post-Workout Skincare:

If your skin is glowing like never before thanks to your workouts, then you should do everything you can to keep it that way. Remember to bring face wipes to stay clean after every workout and prevent any breakouts. You should also stay on top of your new glow with a solid skincare routine. Exfoliating, cleansing, toning and moisturising form the basis of every great skincare regime.

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