Excess use of Clenbuterol is harmful!!

Written by Charu Sharma


What actually is this? This is actually a type of drugs used to cure asthma attack. It is used for treating animals like a horse. It is basically a steroid like chemical which is basically developed today cure asthma attack in horses.  But how?  Just by working by relaxing the airways into the lungs of animals. It has becomea controversial topic among people. Nowadays bodybuilders are in trend today use this drugs. By eating this you can have both the heart and nervous system. Having this you can have rapid fat burning  Excitability,  nervousness. The energy level gets increased.  You will feel great determination. As it reduces body fat and weight it also helps to retain muscles and at the same time mass of the body also increase.  As you should know one fact of it that the world anti-doping agency has banned the using of this drugs.

Burning fat with Clenbuterol

Clenbuterol bodybuilding is in the trend.To about the benefit of the intake of this drug, please carry on reading with us.

  • It will increase your body temperature and speed up the metabolism rate so that it can burn calories faster.
  • Hence it shows a rapid increase in fat burning.
  • You can get more energy and determination within you.
  • It will burn the body fat very fast. For best results use this for 1 year and then notice the results.
  • The appetite suppression and also help today improve the

Before workout

You all might dream to be slim and fit. But with this method which is risky for your body. Before taking this drug you might be looking fat and ugly. This can be cured by regular exercises and yoga and by maintaining a proper diet plan. Before using this you might feel ugly but at time of using it, you might feel nervous breakdown,  handshaking and much more. So always try to think twice before using this. This has been actually banned in India. Try to stay fit but in a real way.


The most important points should be kept in mind that this drugare definitely good for weight loss and building muscle. But as you all know that excess of anything is bad for health. So it is harmful to your body. You should always take the necessary steps before proceeding to use it. You should always consult a doctor before using it. What so ever you think of it you should avoid it. Our government should take some necessary steps towards it. It should ban the export and import of this product.  The one of the dealers who is selling this product in India in spite of the ban. The government should take some necessary steps to overlook it.

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