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Tips And Tricks For Using Home-Made Face Pack And Face Scrub For You This Summer

Written by Charu Sharma

Well the scorching sun is out and sucking the life out of us already. Did you guys have a plan to pamper your skin this season?

If not then I am here with the top 07 homemade face pack and face scrub to chill and get your skins natural glow back.

So for starters let me tell you the difference between a homemade face pack and face scrub

  • FACE PACK– Face pack is basically a blend of ingredients that have qualities infused in them which enrich your skin of their natural vitamins and oils by providing extra care to our facial skin unlike a face scrub that works a bit opposite for with the same result.

It is always better to ditch the chemical and medical procedure to make your skin better and rather go for natural remedies like homemade face pack and face scrubs.

  • FACE SCRUB– Just like the home made face pack the face scrub also have the same result on your skin but the difference comes in their way of application. A face scrub basically exfoliates your skin which helps in removing the dead skin cells along with sebum and unwanted dirt from your skin.


I personally believe that when it comes to personal care and that also skin care regime then you should definitely opt for homemade face packs and face scrubs

  • You can make your homemade face pack without having to hassle for ingredients and your budget because, it can be made from your day to available items.
  • No steroids or adulterants are used as you can use whatever material is available for this amazing homemade face pack and face scrubs.


  • You cannot reverse the harmful effects due to exposure of your skin to harsh chemicals, sun etc. in a day or two. You will have to use the homemade face packs consistently with patience.
  • Excess use of the face scrub and homemade face pack might result in irritated skin, use it according to your need or at least once a week not more than that.
  • You should know about your skin beforehand for the handmade face pack and face scrub as you don’t want to have a reaction on your skin.
  • Apply the homemade face pack and let it dry for atleast 10-15 mins always wash with cold water.
  • While using the face scrub us it gently because you don’t want to strip your skin of the natural oils that it has.

So these were some of the tips and tricks that you should know before using the homemade face pack and face scrub.

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