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Why is the Spray Tanning technique best over UV Tanning?

Since the 1920s, when sun tanning became a chic trend, people worldwide yearn for tanned skin complexion. They want their skin to have that tropical honey glaze and even skin tone. While people in the bygone era would spend time lying on the beach under the sun to get tanned, the tanning process has simplified in today’s age. If you want to get tanned, all you need to do is visit the nearest tanning salon and enjoy a relaxing vertical tanning bed session.

Modern tanning beds are capable of offering the same result as sunless tanning. However, UV tanning beds are not suitable for all tanners. For such individuals, spray tanning is the best and effective alternative to tanning booths. Spray tanning is ideal for people who have less time to prepare their skin for any event or outing but want a natural-looking glow. In spray tanning, one has the freedom to choose the tanning solution, adjust the skin tone, and amount of mist.

In this blog, we are going to discuss the benefits spray tanning technique offers to tanners.

  1. Spray tanning is suitable for people with fair skin tone: We all have different skin types and skin tones. A tanning technique that works on one tanner may not give the desired result on another tanner. Thus, one must get their skin type and tone evaluated before getting any tanning services. If you have fair skin type, exposure to sun rays or UV rays can damage your skin cells. For such individuals, UV tanning is not recommended. On the other hand, spray tanning possesses no harmful effect on the skin cells, and thus, it’s utterly safe for fair-skinned people.
  2. Spray tanning offers quick and instant result: Sun tanning and UV tanning take time to build up the tan. If you are looking for an instant tan solution, UV tanning may not be ideal for you. Spray tanning is one of the most effective instant tan techniques. Since spray tanning works by spraying a layer of tan solution on the skin surface, the procedure doesn’t take much time. You will only have to spend a few minutes in front of the spray nozzle to get that instant glow.
  3. Spray tanning is teen-friendly: People of all demographics desire a tanned skin. Even teens yearn for honey-glazed skin complexion. However, UV tanning beds are not suitable for young teens. Spray tanning gives teens and young adults a safe alternative to achieve the desired skin tone. Spray tanning is perfect for teens preparing for school events like prom and homecoming.
  4. Spray tanning doesn’t react with medication: Certain medicines respond to UV exposure in any form. If your doctor has prescribed you any such medicine, it’s best to avoid UV tanning or slim sculpt services. For you, spray tanning is the best way to have bronzed skin without compromising with your health and well-being.

Many tanning salons offer both UV tanning beds and spray tanning solution. It’s best to consult a professional before taking any tanning service.

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